Frequently asked questions

I could not find the part I need from the product catalogue, should I contact another supplier?

No need. Our product assortment keeps on growing, and not all products are listed on the product catalogue. If a product you need is not in the catalogue, contact us in any case. We will help you find the product even if we do not carry it right now.

My equipment broke down and I need parts in a hurry. Can you help?

Absolutely! We can arrange a courier to deliver the parts to you. You can of course also come to our premises and pick the parts up.

Where are the products in your product range manufactured?

We procure products from all around the world which means that the place of manufacture varies between products. We strive to procure as many products as possible from Finland, which is why we have an extensive partner network in Pirkanmaa and the entire Finland. Some of the products are procured from European suppliers, but we also import products from outside Europe, such as Asia and South America.